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Writers Salon features emerging and established writers of fiction, poetry, and nonfiction local to the Catskills and beyond. Join us in the fall (September - November) and in the spring (February - June). In season, we host events every third Thursday at Wilber Mansion, 7:30 PM. Free and open to the public. Find our events on Facebook.

We’re grateful to Community Arts Network of Oneonta for supporting this reading series. CANO is committed to building literary community in Otsego County.

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February 15 // John O'Connor (poetry)

March 21 // Libby Cudmore (fiction)

April 18 // Kathleen Watt (memoir)

May 16 // Alex Alberto (nonfiction)

June 20 // Leslie Berliant (poetry and nonfiction)

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Watt WS April 24.jpg
Cudmore WS March 24.jpg
Berliant WS June 2024 (1).jpg
Berliant Workshop April 24.jpg
O'Connor WS Feb 24.png

This fall, CANO Writers Salon is serving as a community partner with Hartwick College and SUNY Oneonta to help bring you the Oneonta Literary Festival. We're especially excited to team up with Huntington Memorial Library and Green Toad Bookstore for Author Expo 2024. If you're a published writer, we hope you'll apply to join us. Meet readers, sell books, and build community at this book-fair-style event. Fill out our form, linked below, or contact, for more information.

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Think you’d be a good fit for our series? Get in touch! We're always looking to invite published writers of fiction, poetry, nonfiction, and drama to read in Oneonta. We also sometimes host interdisciplinary performers. Send a brief bio (no more than 500 words) and CV to Thanks to CANO, we are able to offer accepted writers a modest honorarium.


Looking to support local writers and the Oneonta literary community more directly? We're looking for volunteers to help us keep this monthly series running. Whether you're interested in assisting with live events (setup and clean up, bartending), collaborating with us, or promoting us on social media and IRL, we'd love to hear from you. Write to us at


Anne Elizabeth Moore, Michael Peters, Iris Cushing, Jesse Hilson, Robert Bensen, Bertha Rogers, George Hovis, Lynne Kemen, Julene Waffle, Marly Youmans, April L. Ford, Alice Lichtenstein, Daniel Payne, Tom Travisano, Gary Koutnik, Mike Tamburrino, Pam Strother, Harry Barnes, Jim Louden, Brent Delanoy, Carol Ohmart Behan, Cheryl Petersen, Mona Sen, Leslie T. Sharpe, Jo Mish, Kirby Olson, Deborah Blake, Michael Blaine, Austin Bunn, Libby Cudmore, Jennifer R. Donohue, the Oneonta Freewriters, Ginnah Howard, Adrienne Martini, Jim Mullen, Gustavo Arango, Maya Chinchilla, Shannon Delaney, Chuck D’Imperio, Swamiji Tirtha, David Mills, Lisa Wujnovich, and the Smithy Writers’ Circle.


Racheal Fest (PhD) is a writer and critic based in Central New York. Her work on US culture and politics has appeared in online and peer-reviewed venues, including boundary 2, EntropyJump Cut, Mediations, and Politics/Letters. Creative work features in Gallup Journey and Maintenance of the Species. She is also a Pedagogy Specialist at SUNY Oneonta, where she supports teaching and learning and teaches interdisciplinary courses. She joined Writers Salon in 2022.

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