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Summer Arts Program for Teens

Join Leila Blair for a series of drawing and painting intensive classes where students continually build upon skills each week. While taking all 8 weeks is not required (Blair will give a recap at the beginning of each week) taking multiple weeks is highly recommended.

Since drawing is critical to learning painting, the first four weeks delves into fundamental drawing elements and techniques. 

The second four weeks is an introduction to fundamental painting elements and techniques. 

All material costs covered in class fee. This is a hands-on class where students will gain experience through exercises, projects, and more. 

Classes are Tuesdays & Thursdays, 4-6pm* with exception of Independence Day week. Sign up for one or all weeks.


June 27 & 29 - Week 0: Fundamental Drawing & Techniques Part 1

July 5 & 6- Week 1: Fundamental Drawing & Techniques Part 2

July 11 & 13- Week 2: Fundamental Drawing & Techniques Part 3

July 18 & 20- Week 3: Fundamental Drawing & Techniques Part 4

July 25 & 27- Week 4: Fundamental Painting Elements & Techniques Part 1

August 1 & 3- Week 5: Fundamental Painting Elements & Techniques Part 2

August 8 & 10- Week 6: Fundamental Painting Elements & Techniques Part 3

August 15 & 17- Week 7: Fundamental Painting Elements & Techniques Part 4

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Registration is closed for the rest of the Teens Summer Arts Program. 

If your teen has some art experience and is interested in joining one of the later weeks, please email so we can decide whether or not your teen would be a good fit. Thanks!

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