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CANO's Board of Directors

The Community Arts Network of Oneonta is run by a group of volunteers who form the board of directors. The board of directors works together with community volunteers to implement the mission of CANO: linking artists, promoting the arts, and educating the community.

The CANO Board of Directors meets on the 4th Wednesday of each month at 5:30.

Hope Von Stengel, Executive Director

Jim Maloney, President

Kim Condon, Vice President
Richard Barlow, Secretary

Flo Loomis, Treasurer
Lynn Bailey

Ryan Ceresola

Morgan Doyle

Tamara Sines

Lindy Lapin

Jamie Banes

Simone Mantellassi

Rachael Fest

Regina Maggio

In addition, CANO would like to recognize several of our members who go above and beyond in volunteering their time and services.

Gail Quick, Financial Officer (retired)

Nancy Rose Gossett, former Gallery Director

Annie Kuhn, former Education Coordinator & Writers Salon Co-host
Bhala Jones, former Writers Salon Co-host

Tim Gargash, CANO Art Instructor & Chili Bowl potter

Amanda Mason, former board member

Tommy Kleur, former board member

Cassandra Miller, City of the Hills Festival, former Marketing Director

Amy Gallop, City of the Hills Festival, Social Media Director

Diana Cozzens, Chili Bowl organizer


Interested in becoming a board member or volunteer? Learn more about these opportunities by contacting 

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