Writers Salons

On the third Thursday of each month at 7:30pm, CANO offers The Writers Salon.

The evening begins with an open mic, and encourages guests to read personal works. The casual & supportive atmosphere is perfect for beginners, as well as experienced writers, to share their writing with the audience. This is followed by a presentation from a featured published author, who gives a reading of their work and often finishes with Q& A and book signings. The Writers Salons are free & open to the public. Light refreshments are offered.

Some previous authors include Tom Travisono, Brent Delanoy, Carol Ohmart Behan, Cheryl Petersen, Mona Sen, Leslie T. Sharpe, Jo Mish, Bob Benson, Kirby Olson, Deborah Blake, Michael Blaine, Austin Bunn, Libby Cudmore, Jennifer R. Donohue, Oneonta Freewriters, Ginnah Howard, Adrienne Martini, April L. Ford, Jim Mullen, Marly Youmans, Joshua Palmatier (aka Benjamin Tate), Gustavo Arango, Maya Chinchilla, Shannon Delaney, Chuck D’Imperio, David Greenspan, Sylvia Jorrin, Meredith Kaminek, David Mills, Thomas Sears, Swamiji Tirtha, Josh VanBrakle, Lisa Wujnovich, and the Smithy Writers’ Circle.

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