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CROP Program

CROP positions available for the 2021-22 school year

Community Arts Network of Oneonta – Arts in Education invites, dynamic, experienced, and creative Teaching Artists for an after-school program in local public elementary schools in Otsego County, kindergarten through sixth grade. CANO employs Teaching Artists that work in (but not limited to) the following disciplines:

  • Visual Arts-Mural, Painting, Sculpture, Air-Dry clay techniques, Collage, etc

  • Digital Media-Animation, Photography, Website Design, etc.

  • Theater-Puppetry, Playwriting, etc.

  • Music-Vocal, Musical Theater, Beginning Instruments, Drumming, Etc.

  • Dance- Hip Hop, Jazz, etc.

  • Literary-Storytelling, Poetry, etc

Each site is unique and developed to meet the needs of the individual school. The program schedule consists of 16 visits to four partner schools (4 visits each) and is carefully planned by CANO, the partner school, and the teaching artist. Note this is an after-school program and the kids are expecting something fun--keep it light and remember to allow for flexibility in the projects. Each child should be able to express what they want to within the parameters of your lesson.

Your lesson plan should be 4 age-based variations on ONE art project. These 4 lessons will be repeated at the 4 schools. For example, for an artist focused on "Writing and Illustrating Poetry," the lesson for the youngest group might focus on acrostic and haiku poems with colored marker drawings, but the oldest groups might work on more complex poetry forms with, say, watercolor paintings for the illustration. Same lesson, different complexity.

We are looking for Teaching Artists that will foster creativity and imagination. The Artists responsibilities include:

  • Designing and executing an age-appropriate, project-based art curriculum.

  • Preparing for and producing lessons at assigned site(s).

  • Collaborating effectively with co-workers, and communicating regularly with CANO staff.

  • Submitting planned curriculum, timesheets, mileage reports to CANO Staff promptly.


Please send the following to “Teaching Artist: [Your Name]” as the subject:

  • A cover letter that introduces and details your interest in joining us as a teaching artist and your proposed topic/lessons.

  • A resume demonstrating experience as an artist and/or a teacher

  • A link to your professional website or portfolio (if available)

  • Up to three professional references’ contact information (phone, email, mailing address)

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