Exhibition – Jason Roth & Margi Weir
November 6, 2015 @ 5:00 pm – November 22, 2015 @ 3:00 pm

Jason Roth

From the artist’s statement: “Right now, I seem to be focusing inward, looking to private notes, sketches, and drawings within my notebooks for new elements in my sculptures. I am tearing these, and framing them within an abstract composition of steel forms. When I clamp and weld flammable notes between steel I am treated to the damage. Molten spatter and grinder sparks burn and mar the paper further tearing it away from its safe home bound in my books, or hung on my wall. Thus, the drawings and notes are transferred in context only to lose context.”

Margi Weir – Frontline: Detroit

From the artist’s statement: “I have titled the series “Frontline: Detroit” because I begin my drawings with snap lines. A snap line is the mark made by dipping cotton twine into liquid ink or diluted ink, pulling it tight and snapping it against the paper in an action similar to plucking a guitar string. It is a record of the violent impact of ink with paper. It suggests an event, an explosion, a reverberation, yet the over spray lends a softness to the line quality. I like the idea that something beautiful on the surface has an underlying violence, a dark side, if you will.”

Opening Reception: Friday, November 6th, 5-8pm
Exhibition will be on display through November 22nd
Gallery hours are Thurs & Fri 4-8pm, Sat 11-3pm, Sun 12-3pm
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