Art Exhibit – Fiona Dejardin, Terry Slade
November 2, 2018 @ 5:00 pm – November 17, 2018 @ 3:00 pm
Wilber Mansion

Conversations In Color: Fiona M. Dejardin and Terry L.H. Slade

When two artists live in the same household, they often, unknowingly influence each other’s work. This exhibition features works on paper and sculpture by Terry Slade, alongside unique hand-made glass beads and jewelry by Fiona Dejardin.

Opening Reception Friday, November 2nd, 5-8 pm
Exhibition on display through November 17th.

Gallery hours: Thurs & Fri: 2pm – 6pm, Sat & Sun: 11am – 3pm
Free & open to the public!


“I have been making glass beads and jewelry for over 20 years now and, during that time, I have taken numerous courses and studied with some amazing and internationally know bead workers. In working at the torch, each bead is crafted as a miniature work of art that explores texture, pattern, and color. Although each is unique and precious in its own way, the beads eventually become incorporated into wearable works of art that are playful, provocative, elegant and glamourous”.

Ancient History, 2016

Ancient History, 2016

Realms of Gold, 2017


“Over the years my work has taken many different visual forms using a variety of materials. However, the one constant idea found in my work has been an investigation of the relationship between human beings and the physical world. In my series of drawings titled, Alternative Evolution, 2016, mechanical and organic shapes morph into combinations of shape, movement and color. The images rely on various natural and human made forms taken from the world around me. The intertwining of the forms indicates the symbiotic relationship between humans and their environment.”

Alternative Evolution, 2016

Suspended Time Lock, 2017