Art: Pooh Kaye, Eileen Crowell, Ruben & Damian Salinas
Sep 19 @ 5:00 pm – Sep 27 @ 3:00 pm

Opening reception Saturday, Sep 19th, 5-8 pm.
Free admission & open to the public. Refreshments available.
Masks required. Please follow posted social distancing guides.
Exhibit open through September 27 by appointment only.
Please contact to schedule a viewing.

A multi-discipline artist specializing in choreography and animation in film, media & theater productions. Combining disparate objects, paint & hand drawn images with human movement in her projects since 1973 – particularly projects focusing on more traditional cell animation. Over the years she’s explored multiple project ideas that were never fulfilled. This exhibit examines some of these ideas and features rough scripts, GIFS, production paintings of scenes, & key animation images.

“Plant Portraits” Botanical art and study in which the artist focuses on the struggle that each specimen has endured on it’s path to maturity. A bit of that drama is reflected in the artwork as each plant has a distinctive shape and design and texture and has served the plant in a unique way. Movement and balance, light and shadow, and the delicate interplay between them are ever-present in the artwork.

“The Spirit of Gesture” Father and son artists exhibit works highlighting gesture as an intuitive, direct and vivid response to the impetus provoked by a subject or idea. The exhibit features figure and animal drawings and paintings done with ink and black tempera on paper. The duo are co-authors of a drawing and painting book by the same title which also focuses on the subject of gesture as the way to capture the intangible and essential nature of a subject or concept.