Susan M. L. Moore

Although Ms. Moore’s portraits are infused with realism, she feels she is more an illustrator, creating story through art. She “can not remember a time that art was not a huge part of her life, starting from the time she could hold a pencil when she would sketch images of buildings while on trips with her parents, or pictures of beloved pets or just about anything.”

Ms. Moore’s works have been shown at the City of the Hills Artists Festival, local venues including various restaurants and through the Delhi Arts Group.

She has worked as a visiting artist through UCCCA, (now CANO) throughout a wide area, guiding artists from kindergarten through twelfth grade.

Ms. Moore has also taught a Color Pencil class for adults, and then having been invited, has given a lecture on the same to a group of art teachers, at an education convention held at the Holiday Inn in Oneonta NY.

Ms. Moore’s artwork has been shown alongside artists such as Yoko Ono and other talented artists, at The Catskill Rural Aids Society in NY.

At the New Hampshire Gallery (Manchester NH), Ms. Moore was awarded a One Woman Show titled, “Images of this Incarnation” shown in the Shapiro Gallery.

As a crafts artist, Ms. Moore runs a shop on Etsy under the name oMordah, where she sells and displays her creative work.

One such piece was chosen in 2009 to be featured by Design Spotter.

Ms. Moore is also a writer, having had articles published in newspapers, a trade magazine for teachers, and in The New Author’s Journal.

She has written a mid grade reader entitled, Skara Brae which is a fantasy, action adventure novel for young adults.

Ms. Moore is currently accepting commissions.