Nikki Alvin-Smith

I love working with horses and have been a passionate horsewoman since age ten, achieving Grand Prix level in dressage. This has allowed me to travel and my artwork reflects both my love of horses and my love of foreign climes.

My fine art work is mainly in oil because I love the true to life colors that oil paints produce. I studied art literally at the knee of my mother, who has worked with celebrated internationally renowned artists throughout her career and has had her works displayed at the Royal Academy in London among other revered venues and received many awards, including here in the U.S.A. She has been my patient tutor and a major influence in my art efforts. As a child there was always the aroma of turpentine and paint permeating the house and dinner was definitely on hold while paintings were concluded while the invaluable ‘light’ was still present!

I am also a keen photographer and love to catch the exuberance of horses and the relationship between horse and rider. I am very excited at the new CANO and look forward to submitting to the juried art exhibitions that become available.