Marie Cummings

I am an experimental water media painter. In short I use water-based media in my work. This includes watercolor, acrylic, gel, gesso, and a wide variety of mediums. I like mixing it all up like an experiment to see how far I can stretch the mediums and my imagination. Sometimes curiosity gets the best of me and I end up with a piece of paper for my collage box.

I enjoy working with symbols and images. Symbols are rich in meaning and unique in their individual thoughts and the feelings they evoke. Communication amongst people is important. The use of a symbol can express more than words. Alphabets, letters, numbers in all languages communicate.

I see life as multi–faceted, richly textured and complex and my art reflects that perception. I use tissue paper, sand, and paste to create the textures on which I apply my paints in successive layers. I utilize unusual materials as stencils and stamps like onion bags, corrugated cardboard, bubble wrap, corks and stamps that I make out of an eraser, among other things for the pigments,

The artwork is contemplative in that it is derived from internal inspiration rather than tangible subject matter. There are no mistakes in my work; each painting is a process, a new experience from which I can learn. With each piece, I try to stretch myself beyond my comfort level and reach for the unknown.

Ultimately, I hope viewers feel this expressive freedom when they see my work. I want people to delight in the colors and whimsy, to experience a sense of happiness, to enjoy this reminder of what it means to be alive.