Jennifer Kemper

My interest in pottery began when I took a class at school at age 15 in southern California. I loved it and kept at it through college, and after moving to upstate NY. In 1978 I began a business, Kemper Pottery, which became a full-time job for me by 1983.

I make pottery for use in food preparation and serving, dinnerware, garden and outdoor items, beads and pendants, miniature pottery, and spiritually-oriented items. I have a color palette limited to black, blues, greens, yellow, and white, with maybe an occasional touch of something else. I sometimes utilize found objects or recycled materials with pottery elements to make wind chimes, mobiles, bird feeders, and garden decorations. In addition, I create pottery to commemorate events such as agricultural fairs, weddings, births, and town-specific items for regional shops.

My studio consists of three rooms. In the first I have my clay, potters’ wheel, drying cupboards, and work-bench. The second room is where I decorate and glaze pottery and fire it in two large electric kilns. The third room is where finished pottery is stored and displayed.

Though pottery is my main interest, I do other crafts such as clothing design, painting, paper craft and collage, designing all of my printed matter, jewelry, glass bead-making, and up-cycled art. A day rarely goes by when I am not making something.