Edmond Rinnooy-Kan

Approximately three years ago a simple, stocky character entered into my paintings. Not more than a head on legs. It felt as if this creature had come to me, rather than me creating it. I immediately knew that his name was Gou-gou.

Since then Gou-gou has become the main character in all my work.

Gou-gou comes in different forms. It can appear as a grownup, a child, as single person or a group, as a two legged person or a four legged creature, male, female or genderless. Sometimes Gou-gou has arms, sometimes not. Yet, Gou-gou is unmistakably Gou-gou.

Gou-gou is always shy, uncomfortable, detached and out of place. Caught in the middle of an act that he is not part of. He is not unfriendly, but not friendly either. Neither is he happy nor unhappy. He just has a hard time relating to anything.