Disa Sherril Berry

I am Disa and my art is known as “Dimensional Shift Art” because the paintings come from an intuitive place which cannot be fixed or limited to a particular “place” in space-time. DisaART may cause a shift in your perceptions and emotions. The paintings have an energy which is palpable and the ability to touch you on many levels. I have seen people moved to tears as they come into contact with a painting in which they connect with.

My paintings are generally bright and multi-layered with transparencies and translucency and texture.Every piece has an aspect of fluid movement. In a way the paintings paint themselves. I am simply a conduit.The fluidity of movement combined with radiant color and transparency bring a vibrant and mesmerizing visualization.When I paint I am completely spontaneous and intuitive in my approach to the substrate. Thanks for having a look at my website. I look forward to painting for you.