Christine Alexander

The process of making art is immensely and essentially satisfying.

When painting or creating collages, a soft brush or sharp blade in hand, I am captivated by the tactile and visual qualities of paint and paper.

And always, color holds me fast. As a small child, I recall sitting beneath a sunlit forsythia, enthralled by its cloud of illuminated yellow blooms. Throughout my life, visual moments like this have transported me. For an artist, just looking around has to come first.

Today, much of my work revolves around color. Vibrant colors bouncing off each other, harmonic colors singing together. Bossy colors hogging the page. Bashful colors shyly hiding. Everywhere and always, I respond to color.

Time spent looking at great art in museums, as well as in the studios of fellow artists here in the Catskills and elsewhere, proffer inspiration.

In addition, I studied at NCSU’s College of Design (Masters, Visual Design), SUNY Plattsburgh (B.A., Eng. Ed.), and Great Neck North Senior High. Teachers and other students at these institutions, as well as at workshops taken or taught since then, have furthered my understanding of an amazing and often beautiful world.