our history

what’s in a name?

People have asked us why we changed our name from the long-established and locally recognized “Upper Catskill Community Council on the Arts” or “UCCCA.”

No organization decides to change their name on a whim. The idea of a name change was conceived during the most recent of the many transitions the Arts Council has experienced since its inception in 1970. In 2011, the board of directors decided to modernize UCCCA’s outdated website and felt this could coincide with an overall rebranding of the council, at least in a visual sense. A new look was in order. Part of the new look would be a new logo, and in discussing this, the issue of the sound and meaning of the name was raised.

Yes, the name “Upper Catskill Community Council on the Arts” had served the organization just fine for 40 years, and it had been chosen with great deliberation to emphasize service to a large region within the state. But people often questioned the name “UCCCA” and what it meant. The name was unwieldy, and its acronym had too many “C”s and an unfortunate sound – one that often elicited giggles from people who thought “UCCCA” was rather “ucky.” Furthermore, some people felt the “Upper Catskills” designation connoted an area to the East of this region and was confusing to people from other places.

The board members decided a new name, one that epitomized the organization’s goals and services, was in order. The key words in “UCCCA” were Community and Arts. The term Network, with its focus on communication and togetherness, was preferred over Council, and Oneonta was added because, while we still serve a large area of the state, Oneonta is where we reside. Thus, the “Community Arts Network of Oneonta,” or CANO, was born.

No matter what the name, our mission is still the same: To link artists, promote the arts, and educate the community.