CANO Board Members

The Community Arts Network of Oneonta is run by a group of volunteers who form the board of directors. The board of directors works together with community volunteers to implement the mission of CANO: linking artists, promoting the arts, and educating the community.

We’re currently recruiting new board members! Learn more about this opportunity. 

The CANO Board of Directors meets the 4th Wednesday of each month at 5:30.

James Maloney, President
Kim Condon, Vice President
Joanna Cacciola, Secretary
Trish Dukes, Treasurer
Flo Loomis, Member at Large
Amanda Mason
Richard Barlow
Marie Cummings
Linda Thomas
Dez Dupont
Josh Vasquez
Susan Mulroy

In addition, CANO would like to recognize several of our members who go above and beyond in volunteering their time and services.

Doug Hallberg, Education Partner at Carriage House Art Studio
Gail Quick, Office Manager
Nancy Rose Gossett, Gallery Coordinator
Annie Kuhn, Former President & Consultant
Tommy Klehr, IT & Web Developer
Leanne McCormack, Graphic Design
Bhala Jones, Writers Salon Co-host